Hello, I'm Zoe, 
 I'm currently living in Chicago but I was born and raised in Hanoi. I make things like animations and illustrations (and more to come as I learn and grow) to create worlds of weirdness and spaces where anything and anyone is possible. An evergrowing playground. I find constant inspirations in human connections and how one represent their inner world to the outer world via their art, styles and languages. I'm attracted to loud color and busy visuals. 
I make music video and independent animated short films. My subject matters varies based on projects but I always aim to bring some juice, squishes and jiggles tickles in my storytelling.

☺What's in my bag: dried flowers, my bike (it's a magic bag) and Trader Joe's Thai Tea mochi (mmm... yummy sugar rush)
☺Most played on Spotify: GROW - Willow & Avril Lavigne feat. Travis Barker
☺Currently reading: Pop Song: Adventures in Art & Intimacy by Larissa Pham

Reach me through email or Instagram :)

  email: duongph98@gmail.com

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