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Hello, I'm Zoe, 
 I'm a Hanoi-born, Chicago-bred and London-newly-based animator and illustrator. My work mainly focus on the theme of femme psyche, self-hyping, friendship and sexuality. I find constant inspirations in human connections and how one represent their inner world to the outer world via their art, styles and languages. I'm attracted to all things pink, loud and squishy. 
 I worked on music videos, opening title sequence for shows and movies, independent animated short films and illustrations for magazine's articles. My subject matters varies based on projects but I always aim to bring some juice, squishes and jiggles tickles in my storytelling.

☺What's in my bag: dried flowers, a pink pen and Tony's White Raspberry Popping Candy Chocolate Bar.  
☺Most played on Spotify: In Your Blood - LVRA 
☺Currently reading: The Cost of Living by Deborah Levy

For commissions and work, please email me.

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